How to open ICMP protocol to allow Ping on Windows VPS

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As  in the previous post, we know that by default Windows Firewall on Windows will block all unauthorized traffic and ICMP protocol is also not allowed, so when checking the operation of Windows VPS with the ping command. is impossible. To be able to perform the ping command, we must turn off the Windows Firewall or open the rule that allows the ICMP packet to pass, completely turning off the Windows Firewall is not recommended.

To open Rules for ICMP packets, go to Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Advanced Settings -> select  Inbound Rules .

Continue to select New rule in the Actions section -> in the New Inbound Rule window select Custom and then click Next

In the next window you can specify the program (Program) affected by this rule. Here I leave the default as All program and continue to click Next

In the next window in the Protocol section, we choose the protocol we want to set up for this new rule. The default is Any, which means any protocol, this is the same as disabling Windows Firewall

Here we choose ICMPv4 if using IPv4 network or ICMPv6 if using IPv6. After selecting, click Next to continue.

In the next window we can add the affected IP address.

  • The first item is to specify the IP address on the local machine.
  • In the second item, determine the IP address of the machine to access

Here to default, which means accept all IPs and click Next to continue.

Next you have the option to allow (allow) or block (Block) access. Here we are opening permissions so we can choose one of the two options above. The difference between these two options is that the first option allows Allow the connection to allow both secure and insecure connections, the second option allows the connection of it is secure to allow only secure connections. Fully authenticated using IPsec. After selecting, click Next .

In the next window, you will choose the connection environment to which this rule will be applied, depending on the level you will choose. Here we choose all, which means in any environment this rule will work. After choosing, we click  Next

Finally, we’ll name and annotate the newly created rule. After completing, we click Finish   to complete.

So we allowed external machines to ping to our machine using ICMP protocol.

Or more simply, you can find the File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In)  rule and enable it.

You note, for this rule there can be two rules, one for Private and Public networks and one for Domain, you need to take care to open correctly in each case

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