How to install CloudPanel on Ubuntu 22.04

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Control panels are an extremely popular way to manage a virtual private server with a Linux-based operating system because they eliminate the need for in-depth Linux knowledge to set up and configure a web hosting server.

CloudPanel is a web-based graphical user interface control panel that allows administrators to manage and control the resources of a VPS in a simplified and efficient manner. It handles the environment creation for hosting your website, whether it’s built-in WordPress, PHP, static HTML pages, Node.js, or even Python.

Overall, CloudPanel makes the process of hosting a website more accessible, efficient, and easier to manage, allowing you to focus more on the development and content of your website without worrying about the complex technical aspects of server administration.

Install CloudPanel

Step 1: Update the system’s packages by issuing the following command:

apt update && apt -y upgrade

Step 2: Install the required packages

While the full version of Ubuntu 22.04 comes with wget and curl already installed, we will run the following command to be sure.

apt -y install curl wget

Step 3: Install CloudPanel

CloudPanel comes with three options for the database engine it can run on. If you don’t require MariaDB, you can choose the first option, MySQL 8.0.

MySQL 8.0:

curl -sS -o;  

MariaDB 10.11:

curl -sS -o; 

MariaDB 10.6:

curl -sS -o; 

Run the chosen command and wait for a few minutes for the complete installation of the panel.

A successful installation will return the following message with the panel’s address, which we will copy and access in the browser.

Access the web panel

Copy the address returned by the installer, and we will open it in a web browser in its complete form. Typically, the panel’s address will be in the following format: https://ServerIPAddress:8443

step1: Create the administrator account

Complete the form to create the administrator account, and then log in with the chosen credentials.

Once authenticated, you can monitor and manage your VPS through this modern and elegant web interface. The panel has many capabilities, and I invite you to explore them on your own. From this point, you can create a new website to host it in the “Sites” section.

Step 2: Create a website

From the “Sites > Add Site” section, you can automatically create the hosting environment for these main types of websites.

CloudPanel can automatically install WordPress for your new project.


CloudPanel is a user-friendly control panel that simplifies the management of virtual private servers, especially those running Linux-based systems. It offers a modern web interface and can handle various types of websites, making the hosting process more accessible and efficient. With CloudPanel, you can focus on developing and creating content for your websites without getting bogged down in the technical complexities of server administration. It provides a convenient and powerful platform for hosting and managing your web projects.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. Good luck!