How to allow multiple RDP sessions for the single user in Windows VPS

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Usually, RDP is provided only to allow a single remote desktop connection by default. You won’t have multiple RDP connections, even when you admin RDP, which if you log in to the same RDP with a different device, the first session will be lost! But how can we enable multiple concurrent remote desktops? This article will first discover how to activate two RDP sessions and multiple RDP sessions

Enable Multiple RDP Connections

To have multiple RDP connections, we have to do some configurations. First, we should disable the remote desktop user’s restriction to a single remote user and the second one is to change the limit number of connections.

1. Log into the VPS/Server with RDP

2. Open the start screen (press the Windows key) and type gpedit.msc and open it

3 . Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> windows Component -> Remote Desktop Services -> remote desktop session host -> connections

+ We need to edit two files here, Edit the Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services Session, put the status on Disabled, and then press OK.

+Then,edit the Limit number of connections and put the status on Enabled, Increase the RDP Maximum Connection allowed to 2.

Note: If you set it more than 2, it won’t make any difference because you can make two concurrent sessions in this case!

4 . It’s done; now you should able to have multiple RDP connections at the same time.

Allow More Than 2  Remote Sessions

To allow more remote users on your Windows server, you need to install the RDS(Remote Desktop Services) and purchase a RDS License, but It will give you 120 days free trial for this feature when you install(without license)

Good Luck!

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