How to change the language and ‘region’ on your Mac server

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In this article we will guide you to change the language and ‘region’ on your Mac server, you can see the ways below hope it helps you.

How to change or add a language on Mac

1. First, open System Preferences and navigate to Language & Region — the icon displaying a blue flag with a globe inside.

2. On the menu on the left side, find the “+” button.

3. Scroll through the list to find the language you wish to add to your Mac.

4. After you’ve selected a language to add, a drop-down menu will ask if you’d like to make it the primary language on your Mac. If so, click it.

5. Next, a pop-up will ask if you’d like the add the language’s “Input source” — the keyboard. If so, click “Add Input Source” or “Not Now.

6. To add another language, just click the “+” again and follow the above steps.

How to change the region on your Mac

1. Go to System Preferences > Languages & Region.

2. In the right menu, find “Region” and click the two blue arrows.

3. In the drop-down menu, select the continent, then country.

4. This will change the time zone, calendar, and temperature format of your Mac.

Will finally show a message to restart your Mac server, you just need to restart everything will be changed

That’s all we guide you in this article, Good luck !

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