How do I upgrade or downgrade my service?

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I. If you would like to upgrade your service, we have a convenient process to do just that.

  1. Login to the Client Area.
  2. Click on Services > My Services.
  3. Find the product or service you wish to change and click on View Details.
  4. Click on Management Actions > Upgrade/Downgrade.
  5. Choose the upgrade desired and complete the order.

Our system will create a new invoice for you to pay for the remainder of your current billing period. Your next billing period will reflect the full new amount.

If you upgrade a Windows VPS, the data will remain the same. You can follow this guide to extend the HDD after that:

KVM VPSs must be manually upgraded by us (typically done within a few hours), and then you will have to resize your disk partition(s) using the GParted following this guide: .We are not responsible for any data loss as a result of partition resizing. KVM VPSs cannot be downgraded.

NOTE: If you have a customized VPS with more than the default disk space, please contact us before updating. You may accidentally decrease your disk space with the method above causing your VPS filesystem to become corrupt.

II. If you would like to downgrade your service, please open a support ticket to our Billing department. Please note that it’s not possible to downgrade the hard drive, so if you would like to downgrade to smaller plans, you will be charged for the additional space with the cost depending on the plans.

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