How to install Plesk panel on Ubuntu 20.04

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What is Plesk

Plesk is popular panel to manage your server hosted web-projects. This panel allows you to manage “one-touch” of DNS zones, web-domains, databases, emails and so on.

Before install

One of the Plesk advantages is very “democratic” system requirements. To install this panel you must to have:

  • Server under any x64 Linux or even Windows Server OS;
  • Privileged account access;
  • At least 512MB of available RAM;
  • 1024MB of SWAP-space;
  • 10GB Persistent Storage.

Panel setup procedure

To install Plesk on the server under Ubuntu 20.04 please do follow steps:

  • Login as privileged user;
  • Update current system packages;
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
  • Reboot your server to initialize new software, including new kernel;
  • Install wget tool to acquire setup script;
apt install -y wget
  • Download initial file and run it;
cd /tmp && wget && bash plesk-installer
  • Agree with the EULA, accept or decline participation in quality improvement programme;

  • Select one of predefined services set. First point is enough in most cases. Then confirm your choice;

In case install is successful, you should see picture like below:

  • Open provided one-time URL in your browser and set your own access credentials;


  • When setup scripts finished it’s work, panel will be ready to use:



After this article reading you knew about Plesk panel, aims-to-use it, system requirements and installation steps.

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