How to Install and Use AnyDesk for Windows

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AnyDesk is an extremely useful tool to use with Windows VPS hosting. With AnyDesk, you can interact with a remote desktop VPS like your own computer. You will have access to a complete Windows desktop and GUI that you are familiar with, even while the VPS is hosted on a remote computer and remote network.

This tutorial will guide you on downloading and installing AnyDesk for Windows.

Step 1. Go to the Anydesk Website

Click on the following link:

Step 2. Click Download

The website should automatically detect that you’re using Windows. If not, click the Windows icon first. When you are ready, click the “Download” button.

Step 3: Open the Program

Locate the file you’ve just downloaded. By default, this will be in your “Downloads” folder.

When you double click on the “AnyDesk.exe” file the program will run automatically. AnyDesk can run without being installed, but it’s best to install it so that you can easily find it in your start menu.

Step 4: Close

Now close the program and AnyDesk will ask you if you want to install it. Click “yes” button.

If not asked, you can install it right away.

After clicking “yes”, the installer will start. For the most part, you can keep the default settings and then click “Accept & Install” button. When it is finished, you should now be able to find AnyDesk in your start menu.

Step 5: Assign access rights to AnyDesk

Go to Main Menu -> settings then select Permission

Then select Full Access and set an access password for AnyDesk

Step 6: Use AnyDesk to establish a remote connection

Launch AnyDesk on your computer.

Ask the person whose VPS you want to access remotely to also open AnyDesk on his or her VPS and provide you with their AnyDesk ID.

The AnyDesk ID is a unique number that identifies each VPS.

Enter the VPS AnyDesk ID in the “Address” field located on the left side of the AnyDesk interface.

Enter the password you set earlier


You can also use the AnyDesk toolbar tools to perform specific actions, such as transferring files, restarting the remote computer or switching to full screen mode.

You have successfully connected.

To end the remote control session, simply close the AnyDesk window displaying the remote computer screen.


Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. Good luck!