How to install OS on KVM VPS

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GreenCloudVPS is using Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) as the VPS management system for the KVM VPS.
You have two ways to reinstall VPS – via SolusVM Control Panel or in the Client Area.

Method 1: In the Client Area

1. Log into your account with the link:
Then you are in the client area. 

2. Choose the service you want to reinstall to see details

You can see management page of the VPS after that:

3. Click Rebuild and choose the desired OS then click on Reinstall:

 After that, the VPS is rebuilt and you will see the new VPS password:

Method 2: Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM)

1. First, log in to our SolusVM Control Panel via the link we sent you in the VPS information email.

2. Going to Website:
-> Click “manage” the VPS want to reinstall:

3. Then click on Reinstall:


4. Choose the desired OS then click on Reinstall:

Please make sure to take note of the password down because it will be shown 1 time only!

After that wait 5-10 mins for the installation to finish. You can also check the process by using the VNC feature.

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