How to install OS on Window VPS

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With active Window VPS plans to reinstall any of your VPS/services you can easily perform the operations from the control panel in your Client Area following the instructions below.

Step 1.  Access your Client Area

You can log into your account with the link:

Then you are in the client area.

Step 2. Click on Services -> My services

Then choose the service you want to reinstall to see details,as the VPS service I want to reinstall here is “GreenCloud.1695262916”

Step 3. Go to the VPS management page  to reinstall VPS

Click Reinstall Server and choose the desired OS then click on Reinstall:

Then please wait about 5-10 minutes for the reinstallation process to complete and try again(username/password information to access VPS after installation is complete will be the same as your original information)

Good Luck!