iftop – A Real Time Linux Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Download and install iftop Iftop is available in the official software repositories of Debian/Ubuntu Linux, you can install it using apt command as shown. $ apt install iftop On RHEL/CentOS, you need to enable the EPEL repository, and then install it as follows. # yum install epel-release

How to Install and Use CPULimit to monitor CPU in Linux

Install cpulimit To install cpulimit on Ubuntu, do as below apt-get install cpulimit Install on Centos 7 install epel-release install cpulimit We limit CPU usage by using the --limit or -l option to set a usage percentage for a process. Before limiting the

How to secure your KVM VPS

This guide provides some general tips for securing a Linux-based server. 1. Update your system regularly The first thing you should do to secure your server is to update the local repositories, upgrade the operating system, and installed applications by applying

How to use Speedtest CLI on Linux

In this article we will guide you how to install Speedtest CLI on Linux to test the network speed for your server or VPS. I.  Install Speedtest CLI on Linux For Ubuntu/Debian Step 1: Login your Server via SSH Step